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Gino October - Look How Far We've Come
Gino October recalls falling asleep to the sound of gunshots as a child in Cape Town, and how startlingly quiet New Zealand seemed when he first arrived as a 12 year old. Compared to the bustling sidewalks he'd become accustomed to in South Africa, "there were no people on the street" in Auckland. The contrast of his early life in Cape Town, to the life the rapper has since carved out for himself in New Zealand is reflected in his latest project, Look How Far We've Come.
On Better For Ya there is a grieving for the loss of community and sense of belonging he once felt in South Africa, but there is also growth, in learning to appreciate the huge sacrifice his parents made to make New Zealand their home.
"They also left everything they've ever known. That connection is now forever lost, I didn't realise it at the time but when I came to understand that, I was super grateful."
The project's title track Look How Far We've Come further explores the life of new migrants, and how that shared experience can bring siblings closer together. "Our bond got stronger. My brother started me out with music, he got me into it and now I'm releasing music."
Emotions swing, from the financial frustrations and excitable pep-talk of Calisthenics, to the laid back, carefree jaunt Enjoy The Ride. While some tracks were written in Sydney studios, Gino October wrote the majority of the seven songs in his room in Auckland, preferring the creativity that came with being solitary in a familiar setting.
While the sound and subject matter is diverse, the underlying theme is one of journey. The journey to a new country, the bumpy ride to acceptance and understanding, and the road you must travel first, before you can allow yourself a moment to look back at how far you've come.

About the artist
At 16, Gino October began producing and recording his own music, thanks to his brother's early belief and investment in his talent. It was his brother who recognised Gino's keen interest in rapping, buying his little brother a mic, computer and interface so he could begin making his own beats.
In 2016 Gino released his first EP, 'Conflicted Conscience', allowing him to begin honing his live performance craft at small venues throughout Auckland.
His 2018 EP 'Expansion' helped further cement Gino's presence in the local scene, with a performance at Northern Bass the following year, and a feature on JessB's 'Work With' track alongside Big Zeeks.
'Look How Far We've Come' is Gino's retrospective offering, a journey that pays homage to where he comes from, exploring isolation and vulnerability, but is also a declaration that he's sticking around to enjoy the ride. "I hope people enjoy listening to this project as much as I enjoyed making it."

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